Feel the pulse

Window manufacturing companies are often very complex entities. Even in the best led companies, structures and processes which are highly complex, time-consuming and ineffective begin to emerge over time. Therefore, it usually proves to be a productive exercise to regularly evaluate all existing processes in each area of a company; from marketing, via production to assembly. We can help you to do that. In a team that consists our own consultants as well as our customer’s own employees, we analyse all processes, make proposals for optimization and lead you in the realisation process until the forecasted results have been obtained.


IT-adaptation services

Requirements for the realisation of IT-solutions are constantly changing reflecting the degree of change in the company’s requirements. Uniwave IT-adaptation services ensure that the IT-solutions will satisfy our customers also after implementation of the company aims and that they will also be adaptable to changing conditions. IT-adaptation services help you to keep your competitive advantage. During this process, we will identify sectors in the complete system, which need fine-tuning as well as recommendations for improvements. We will support you in the problem solving process around system consolidation and performance optimization.