With our consulting packages we offer the whole project experience of the Uniwave consultants in a bundled package.

Consultancy package: "Planning and launch of a new window factory"

You have an intention? We will tell you exactly what steps what needs to be done. The package consists of all the engineering and consultancy support required to create and implement a new and modern window manufacturing plant with any given production capacity and level of automation. In close cooperation we accompany our clients through all steps of the project; from analysis of the aim, through the planning of the production site and of the machinery, to the development of the manufacturing lines and the paths of the material flow.




Consultancy package: "Reconstruction of existing window production"

For all window-manufacturing companies that want to improve performance without further investment in their systems and production sites. The striving aim thereby, is to bring out the best possible results from the existing company, by optimizing business and production processes. Put together, our software modules offer enormous potential in the rationalization of the value-adding chain through the integration of process data, PDC, MDC etc. This work involves an in-depth analysis of the whole company, or individual parts of the company, resulting in the development of a detailed model of reconstruction. On-going project support is available, if requested.



Consultancy package: "Efficient enlargement of production capacity"

For companies that want to achieve the maximal ROI from their investment in production improvement. Given aims and a planned investment budget, our independent consultants will create a detailed model for the optimal exploitation of capital. The creation of technical requirements for the new production halls and facilities is as important in the project work as the shaping of a more efficient and cost-effective business administration. Due to our process and trade expertise in the window manufacturing industry, we can confidently and successfully integrate any individual requests into your solution.



Consultancy package: "Efficient IT-infrastructure"

We can make it possible to create an optimal IT-Infrastructure for a window manufacturing company to improve the transparency and efficiency of the business and production processes. The requirements of the information demanded by the company, and by the separate parts of the company, are analysed and considered using our valuable experience. Together with you we reformulate your business and production processes, deduce the system requirements and choose a compatible IT-solution. A complete catalogue of duties, as well as a detailed description of the functions of necessary hard- and software solutions, will be created. Thereby making clear the optimal functionality and redundancy freedom of the whole IT-system. If required, we can implement and optimise these solutions in your company, even as the processes are running. This is where comprehensive trade knowledge and benchmarks set us apart. Our tight and competent project management ensures a secure Return on Investment.