The knowledge of your own weak points and the resulting operating options build the central basis for each company and manufacturing process optimization. In a rough analysis we learn which operations of a company are bottlenecks and hence require optimization. Furthermore, we also learn which profit effects are to be expected if specific measures are taken.

Our customers profit from the experience of our consultants also in targeted problem solutions. We offer professional emphasis oriented consulting in the following sectors of a window manufacturing company:

  • Optimization or recreation of the organisational structure in a company including internal communications and cooperation between different sections (e.g. purchasing, process engineering, production, marketing, technicians etc.)
  • Introduction and optimization of the EDP-infrastructure
  • Efficient creation of the work-flow in every section of the company
  • Efficient organisation of individual workstations in the production line (e.g. cutting, hardware, glazing etc.)
  • Optimisation of teamwork in the production line
  • Optimal planning of the material and information flows in a production line
  • Optimal creation of the information systems (production lists, bills/invoices, delivery notes and orders etc.)
  • Personal consulting (creation of ideal employee profiles)
  • Dynamic trader network management
  • Efficient productivity improvement
  • Strategic consulting