If you pursue to increase your window construction company’s profit and success, PrefSuite is your product!

While other software solutions are mainly focusing on production areas, PrefSuite provides integrated solutions for all processes of a company, from the order to cash cycle via material and warehouse management through to production and distribution.

As of now numerous market leading window manufacturers in several countries worldwide benefit from the advantages of Prefsuite. Customers in Germany, Poland, England, Spain, Japan, USA, and Russia rely on PrefSuite.

PrefSuite stands for 

- Innovation

The software solution PrefSuite is developing fast and continuously. During the product development, engineers apply the newest technologies and trends in software development.

- An individual solution for each customer

PrefSuite’s modular structure allows to cover nearly all requirements of window construction companies of all sizes (from hundreds to thousands of employees) delivering highest functionality, automation and ergonomics. Subsequent to an accurate selection of adequate software modules, every customer is provided with an individually customized software solution, which considers all specific requirements of a particular company.

- Window construction design with random complexity

PrefSuite was developed for businesses with a wide product range and hence supports all common construction types (windows, doors, facades, shutters etc.). PrefSuite supports absolutely all material types for window constructions such as pvc, wood and wood-aluminium as well as high-end facade constructions out of aluminium and compound materials. All profile and hardware systems that exist in Europe, Asia and America are unconditionally supported by the software.

- Minimizing incorrect user entries

Problems in the production process often occur due to incorrect data entry by the user.

With the use of freely customizable rules and validations, PrefSuite allows to minimize the amount of incorrect user data entries. For example, the software offers the option to validate order details during the user’s data entry such as forms, configurations and colours of the designed constructions as well as customer information and the shipping date.

.. innovative and unique solution for your dealer

PrefWeb is the first and currently only integrated window dealer software worldwide based on the WEB-platform. PrefWeb enables dealers to create orders, proposals, and window constructions, to connect to customer data bases, to calculate prices and sales documents in real time – all this with via your web browser!

PrefWeb is an ergonomic and easy to learn application, which is accessible from a random place on this planet that is equipped with an internet connection.

All data captured via PrefWeb is synchronized with the window constructor’s production data base in real time. This technology makes double entries obsolete and allows the dealer to directly receive the order status at any time. Even the dealer master data is refreshed automatically in real time.

- E-commerce in window sales

The solution PrefSuite E-Shop brings the e-commerce approach into the window branch. In comparison to plain price calculators based on inflexible price tables, which can be found on web sides of several window manufacturers, E-shop allows profound possibilities to design windows and to calculate prices in real time. The data used in the E-Shop online shop is retrieved live from the window manufacturer’s data base and is directly saved in the producer’s live data base. PrefSuite E-Shop is a unique concept on the window market and provides its users the following options:

  • Window construction design and configuration
  • Request a visit of an expert consultant
  • Creation and printout of graphically addressing proposals
  • Displaying the order history in your own individual account
  • Monitoring the order processing status
  • Receiving invoices
  • Production status monitoring
  • Online ordering by credit card and by other online payment types

- Comfortable cooperation with dealers

PrefSuite allows a simple and efficient cooperation with dealers and sales units. Due to real time online data synchronization between PrefSuite’s main application and the dealer’s software PrefShop, the customer master data maintenance, its administration and sharing can be reduced down to an absolute minimum.

- Ergonomic and self-explaining user interface

PrefSuite’s software developers have put high emphasis on user-friendliness. The user interface is easily customizable and can be saved according to the user’s requirements.

.. compatibility with all CNC machines

PrefSuite’s module CAM is capable to provide data to all modern and externally steerable CNC machines with necessary data and can be controlled online. With the use of Prefsuite machine types such as double mitre saws, profile welding / corner cleaning lines, glazing bead saws, hardware robots and multi-axis machining centres have been already controlled successfully in order to maintain pvc, aluminium, and wooden profiles.

- Paperless production

The module PrefCIM provides every working station within the production with necessary information in the specific working processes via special screens. PrefCIM allows to produce completely without paper and significantly increases the controllability and transparency of the production process. The PrefCIM concept contains also screens equipped with special functions for order commissioning and shipment preparations (packaging).

- Flexibility within the price design

PrefSuite allows you to apply random logic in price design, tariff chains and discount systems. During the calculation of production costs, considerations of several factors are possible, such as offcut, production dependant timings, production overhead costs as well as additional fees and discount types.

- High performance solution for enterprise resource planning

PrefSuite enables you to efficiently plan your order process and your appointments, among others considering the following factors: complexity of the applied goods, production capacity, material availability, delivery routes, confirmed shipment dates, holidays etc.

Further PrefSuite contains functionalities for planning of shipping lots and allows to plan and schedule assignments for window assembling.

- Warehouse and material Management

PrefSuite’s module Material Management and Remnants Administration detects material demands, records all warehouse material flows, allows to perform an automated inventory on demand and initiates just in time warehouse related ordering processes.

- Efficient purchase processing

PrefSuite allows to create tailored purchase orders fast and simply, and generates purchase order files in the specific vendor’s format. All market common EDI processes are completely supported by PrefSuite.

- Detailed analytics and reporting

With the help of several extensive analytics and reports, which are generated automatically in PrefSuite, you are continuously informed about your entity’s performance ratios. Desired information can be easily retrieved online with the use of mobile devices at any time.

- Open data base

PrefSuite uses an open rational data base, which allows to integrate PrefSuite in external ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, 1C etc. as well as further branch specific software products. Additional requirements within software integration can be successfully realised by Uniwave’s and Preference’s development teams.

- Qualified and reliable technical support

Our application consultants and software engineers possessing excellent product knowledge and long term experience in the window branch are permanently available for our customers.

- Further information about Prefsuite

Detailed information about PrefSuite is accessible at the official product web side