Uniwave consulting services

Uniwave’s consultancy technique is focused on precise analysis of all operational sectors of a window manufacturing company, from an external, objective perspective. In so doing, Uniwave offers its customers the opportunity to identify optimisation potential in their business operations and to implement the appropriate measures in a timely manner. With our services, which range from consultancy around planning right up to the very implementation, we cover all sectors of a window producer, from purchasing and production to depots and distribution.

As a full service provider for process and IT solutions in window manufacturing, Uniwave supports you with the analysis and optimisation of your business processes as well as the introduction of business administration and trade software. Uniwave ties competence in processes, solutions and the trade to individual customer offers – from the strategic adjustment to the implementation and permanent improvement of the solution. As a pathfinder for the successful realization of your visions, we consult our customers in all areas of technology, organisation and information processing. 

Consulting-products with noticeable results and excellent ROI-values

Uniwave’s consultants are professionals with extensive experience in both West and East European window manufacturing markets. Our know-how combined with the experience gathered over years in the supplier industry as well as the most successful window manufacturing companies represent the basis of our consulting. Our projects always adhere to the approved European standards as well as considering the special conditions of the individual markets. Our neutrality to the supply industry and the machine manufacturers reassures our customers that they are making decisions about investments and important strategic issues in an objective environment. Competence in methods, technological know-how and an extensive experience of businesses in the window manufacturing industry all guarantee the success of the projects.