Individual training concepts

Effectiveness of software solutions depends to a large extent on the knowledge of the user himself. Therefore, it is all the more important to familiarise the user with the much-needed technical knowledge quickly and in a targeted fashion. A training course gives employees a better understanding of, and familiarises them with, the system. Acceptance and motivation increase with decreasing ignorance. Through these training courses, employees will quickly realise the potential of a reduction in their personal effort offered by the system and will hence support the system’s implementation actively and enthusiastically. But not two users are the same: employees working in the preparation of production often require the use of different means of communication compared to that used for window merchants and big window manufacturing companies demand the use of different concepts compared to small joiner’s workshops – Uniwave can proudly claim that it is optimally prepared for these challenging and demanding tasks.


User training for the ambitious customer

Before the implementing the solution, users will receive an intensive and all-embracing training. The first training teaches functionality, an understanding of the process and the ability to use the system. As a user only realises his individual benefit from personal experience, Uniwave offers active support to optimize effects for both user and process orientation.